Arts Award: Arts Inspiration

Below is displayed a selection of work by young people who took part in a virtual Arts Award from their homes during lockdown. They where asked research a creative person that inspired them, and then share their findings by making a poster of presentation.

Arts Inspiration by Baily, Catarina, Ellie Jane, Emily C, Emily N, Heather, Kate, Kathryn, Laila, Millie, Rosela, Roshni, Safie, Ameira, Evelyn, Izzie, Lauren, Pristina, Zoey, Serena and Ruby. 

Tishk Barznji by Zoey
Yoko Ono by Baily
Lindsey Stirling by Catarina
Annie Leibovitz by Kathryn
Kirsten Stewart by Laila
Ben Platt by Emily
Stevie Wonder by Heather
Tiffany Haddish by Ameira
Jesy Nelson by Lauren
Edvard Munch by Eveyln
Kim Hey-Yoon by Serena
Tyler Perry by Pristina

Yayoi Kusuma by Roshni
Melanie Martinez by Safie
Jenny Saville by Rosela
Banksy by Ellie Jane
Lil Peep by Millie
Ariana Grande by Baily
Panic at the Disco by Kate
BTS by Emily
Jim Carrey by Izzie
Quentin Blake by Ruby