Bronze Arts Award Exhibition

Curated by Isobel, Silver Arts Award student

SitC and the Oriental Museum’s Arts Award programme is supporting 28 young people from The Girls’ Network to achieve their Bronze award, inspired by the collections at Durham University’s Oriental Museum and the three strands of SitC; art, music and theatre and its overarching theme of ‘home’.

To kick start the project and to get the creativity moving, three artists who now reside in the north east of England were commissioned to create workshops for The Girls’ Network students to take part in:

·       Bridie Jackson, a musician from the North-East, created virtual workshops which helped participants learn how to create simple song structures which can help towards developing music.

·        Kirsten Luckins produced a how to guide around story telling in theatre, encouraging participants to write and star in their own story.

·        Isabella Carreras, a visual artist, designed a downloadable resource which guided each participant in how to make mistakes in a work of art. 

These workshops are now available for everyone to get involved in from home, and can be found here.

We asked young creative, Isobel, to curate the artwork produced  by The Girls’ Network students in response to Isabella Carreras workshop into a digital exhibition.

Isobel, a 15 year old student, is virtually exploring arts and heritage careers from home. She is currently working towards her Silver Arts Award, the digital exhibition below contributes to her Arts Award portfolio. 

Isobel has also been interviewing staff who work for SitC festival and Durham University for a podcast (coming soon), as well as critiquing virtual exhibitions online.

I am doing the arts award to explore potential careers within the art industry. It’s a great way to talk to professionals and gain insight into what certain jobs involve. I am interested in curation because you get to create spaces where people can explore different ideas and emotions. You can control all different aspects of the atmosphere in a room or virtually and you get to connect with a variety of different people through your work.


About Arts Award is a national qualification which inspired and promotes connections to the arts. If you are aged between 5-25 and would like to take part then you can find out more information on 4schools.