Collaboration Station

We want you to create art pieces that are completed by groups of individuals who may be hundreds of miles apart from each other. This may include a person creating a background scene, the art is then sent to the next person to add their flair and so on. If you are interested in creating a collaborative art piece, whether by hand or digitally please get in touch with us. Get your friends together and start layering your talents. 

Once your artwork is complete and has been passed around as many people as you wish, please email the art team with a high-quality image! They will be shown in an online exhibition on the SITC website. Get in contact via

by Amy Lou & Sharon Wang


Summer is a collage made up of ten photos taken in various countries. Although the base of the collage is a scene in winter, the tone of the photo is transformed through the addition of elements that breathed warmth and vitality. The final touch of graffiti further enhances the liveliness of the collage with a splash of vibrant colors. The end result is a depiction of summer with winter as the undertone.