Art Walks. Keep Art Alive.

These art walks aim to guide you to locations of socially distanced peace and reflection, while encouraging you to take the time to stop, look, draw and think.  

Created by Durham University students from wherever they call home.

Why not create your own art walk? Send us pictures of your walk and the artwork you’ve created and we’ll display them in our Community Art Club Gallery. All you need to do is send your work to

Art Walk: Paris Edition

Summer in the City Virtual Treasure Hunt is a virtual art walk around two exhibitions and Durham University’s Art Collections highlights. Created by Durham University Student Seraphina Monson. Click to Enlarge and right click to download.

Click the links below to view the exhibitions 
Student Art Prize Exhibition
Art Community (Durham Sixth Form Artist)
Durham University Art Collection Highlights 

Trek and Sketch is a 40 minute walk around Durham’s river. Exploring how architecture has influenced artists such as Jo Stanness and Finola Finn.

Send us the artworks created on your walks and we will display them in the gallery below. You can email us at