The Re-Imagine Project is a feminist activist art collaboration between Las Illuministas (Mexico) and Pink Collar Gallery (UK), which seeks to challenge and change the narrative on femicide.

Over 100 artists from Mexico and the UK have come together to create artwork telling a different story about femicide – above all one that blames the perpetrator, not the victim and highlights that femicide is a global pandemic.

The artwork created for this project has been exhibited in two online exhibitions. We commissioned 10 of the exhibiting artists to develop their work into pieces of public art – 5 in Mexico, and 5 in the UK.

Hartlepool-based artist Slutmouth is one of the UK public commissions selected by Durham University Library and Collections. Inspired by the history of Durham and in its annual Miners’ Gala, renowned for its banner parades, Slutmouth has created a new banner; a banner to honour the women who have been murdered by men in the UK.

On the 3rd March 2021, Sarah Everard was walking home from a friend’s house when she was kidnapped and murdered by a Metropolitan police officer, sparking outrage across the UK. Many women took to social media to share their own personal stories of harassment when walking home and through their shared experiences, demanded time on violence against women.

This commission started as a conversation between the artist and a group of female-identifying friends. Out of the 6, 4 had been sexually abused. This became the artist’s moment of realisation.

The banner will be revealed at the Oriental Museum on 13th November 2021 alongside a series of talks from the producers of the project, the artist and feminist organisations from around the North East. It is intended this event is a safe space for people to come together, to commemorate and to learn more about the impact of femicide in the UK.

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We will also be having free creative workshops. Mini art and activist workshops, 2-4pm, drop In / no tickets / all welcome.

On display until late February 2022.

Newly implemented safety measures will be in place during your visit to ensure the museum remains Covid-secure.