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Post Art: Postcard project in response to Pushing paper: Contemporary drawing 1970 to now

Eleanor Matthews, Durham artist (and now home-schooling mam) has set up Post Art, a project where artists create original, postcard-sized artworks and send them to other artists and those needing a morale-boost during the COVID-19 crisis.

Eleanor is a member of Interface Arts – a County Durham based art group. Their members and other artists are taking part in the project which is looking for new participants. The aim is to connect people in isolating times and encourage people to use their time to share their creativity, brightening up someone’s day through their letterboxes.

So far hundreds of cards have been sent to carers, care homes, those self-isolating on their own, refuse collectors, shopkeepers and other essential workers by members of Interface Arts, and partner artist networks such as Spectrum and Little Green Hut.

For SITC, Eleanor is inviting artists to respond to the British Museum touring exhibition, Pushing paper: contemporary drawing from 1970 to now at Durham University’s Oriental Museum. Online resources and more information about the now online exhibition can found here.

To get involved in the project email


· Eleanor will post you an image of a piece from the Pushing Paper exhibition plus title, artist name, medium etc – the image will be chosen at random from the exhibition catalogue.
· you are invited to respond to the work, creating two postcards – one to be sent to Eleanor (in reply to the exhibition), one to be sent to someone self-isolating or in need of cheering up.
· responses can be to the image, title, medium etc, anything it sparks in you.
· post one postcard to Eleanor and one to someone who will be cheered up to receive it during the Covid-19 pandemic.
· Eleanor will photograph the postcard she receives to be exhibited in the SITC online exhibition.

Eleanor hopes to include the postcards in a physical exhibition when things improve, your postcard will then be returned to you afterwards.

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