Social Practice Surgery

Recorded wrap up of the Social Practice Surgery recorded on Saturday 6th February 2021

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Live art? Craftivism? Socially engaged art?

If you’d like to know more about these practices and find out how you might submit live/ participatory work to the Durham Art Prize (or other prizes and opportunities) come and have a chat with social art specialists Dan Russell and Lady Kitt at the “Social Practice Surgery”.

There are a variety of  sessions available on Feb 6th, with a combination of group sessions and 1-2-1s. The sessions will take the form of semi structured conversations led by the interests of the participants and with plenty of time to ask questions and share ideas. Kitt and Dan take it in turns to lead while the other takes notes (including suggestions of artists to research and resources/tools that participants may find useful). At the end of the sessions, these notes are shared with participants as a Social Practice Surgery “prescription”!

Image credit “2191 etc”: Louise Brown

ID:  colour photograph, interior. Kitt, a white, shaven headed human sits at a table with a black table cloth. On the cloth are large, white, rounded letters reading “Social Practice Surgery”. Kitt smiles wide. In both hands they hold a black clipboard with the same white text.

Dan and Kitt are Social Art Network co-leads for the North East and have been running Social Practice Surgeries since 2018. Collectively and separately they have presented their work/ led workshops at Social Art Assembly, Tate Modern London (2019), “Taking Artist Development Online” Chisenhale Studios, London (UK, 2020), “Sylabus V” (Wysing Arts Center Cambridge, 2020) and “Craft and Social Practice” for Crafts Council UK (The Whitworth, Manchester, 2019). 

Dan and Kitt work together on a variety of participatory / live art projects . They are interested in lots of stuff, but particularly:

  • Creative- intimacies*
  • Live(ly)ness* in research
  • Mutual support in the field of contemporary social practice
  • Social-ness* in institutions
  • Making, thinking and reflecting activity about where the intimacy and empathy is in digital, virtual and socially-distanced methodologies

* See Social Practice Glossary here: