Unlikely Icons

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How can we dissect and radically redefine what it means to be heroic?

In this pre-recorded talk, Eden Szymura and Emily Walters will explore the unlikely icons that inspire them, including their namesake, Medusa, and challenge you to find an unlikely icon of your own. The pair will examine the importance of unpicking and reshaping received ideas within artistic practice and provide you with a springboard from which to critically examine society’s representation of your chosen icon.

‘Content warning: our talk contains discussions around sexual assault, the dangers of white supremacy and the effects of the pandemic on the NHS.’

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In the accompanying resource pack, you’ll find questions and prompts from MEDUSA that will enable you to create an iconography in your preferred media. How will you radically devote artistic space to a different kind of heroism? 

MEDUSA is a creative partnership between Emily Walters and Eden Szymura that seeks to critically examine the arts through a feminist lens. On their digital platform, medusacreatives.com, the pair share their own written and visual practice, in addition to curating and editing the work of MEDUSA’s growing community. Eden and Emily endeavour to find new ways of engaging with the culture society consumes, and they root their work in critical theory and activism to create spaces to imagine, and manifest, a more equitable future.

Find MEDUSA on social media @medusacreatives.